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Our mission: The wow effect

We don’t just program anything. We work with brains and the latest technologies to present your company in the best possible way on the web. Your products and services should attract attention, cause amazement – your customers should be enthusiastic. This claim drives us every day.

Who are we?

Our company headquarters is in Braunschweig – our team is international. Protive Solutions was founded by two former university friends who are well connected all over the world. Today, our team includes more than 80 experts who work for us around the clock – as programmers, software developers and web designers.

David Burzynski

David is from Venezuela but has been living and working for more than ten years in Germany. At Protive Solutions he is the voice of the customers and ensures that every wish - no matter how unusual - is optimally implemented. He loves good food (likes to fry it himself) and is a passionate amateur photographer.

Muhammad Faisal

Faisal is an entrepreneur at heart and has the soul of an Adventurer. Professionally, he has traveled all over the world. He is CEO of several companies that offer web services and leads a broad Spectrum of technical teams. His great passion is Development of smart solutions that make the entire process more fun and the user's life easier. Faisal spends most of his time developing and designing community websites - and is a living proof that you can be a modern techie and at the same time be very sociable. For Faisal, a day without laughter is one lost day.

Yasir Ahmed Malik

Yasir comes from Pakistan and in the past resided in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan and most recently in Germany. He has been living in Braunschweig for more than three years now. At Protive Solutions, he takes care of the content creation, Management as well as the international project organization with the global implementation team. Yasir loves to travel and likes relishing local cuisines. Friends describe him as uncomplicated, open to new things and extremely committed. He is passionate about what he does - and at Protive Solutions he roots for attention to detail and smart execution.

Why Protive Solutions is the right partner for your project?

We founded Protive Solutions to make the creation of web applications and online presences affordable again. IIn our minds, creativity and technical know-how must be valued financially. But individual programming must not be a luxury that only selected companies can afford.

The sluggishness with which web projects usually proceed was also a thorn in our side. Whether due to a lack of staff, poor project management or far too many correction loops – customers often have to wait too long for the result. With Protive Solutions we show that there is a better way. We have set up our staff in such a way that we can bring your project to its goal at an effective and high speed.