Online shop for hand
weaving white

The hand weaving mill Weiß offers carpets made of cotton, linen and sheep’s wool.
When Maximilian Weiß succeeded his father Rupert in 2019, he wanted to modernize
the distribution of the traditional company – with the help of an attractive online shop
that presents the product range clearly and fits exactly to his products.

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Produktspezifische Features
In the shop, customers can choose whether their wish should get carpet fringes. In addition, they can individually determine the length and width of the carpet. These options should also be reflected in the new online shop.

Different payment options
The ordering and payment process should be as customer-friendly as possible. Several payment options should be offered so that customers can choose their preferred means of payment.


Step 1: Design

Our team developed an appealing design that matches the high-quality products and brand identity of Handweberei Weiß.

Step 2: Implementation

Based on this design, our team developed a mobile-friendly website that now showcases the wide range of hand weaving among For this purpose, the content management system WordPress was used, supplemented by the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. Our developers integrated individual functions, e.g.

  • Carpet resizing functions
  • Teppichgrößenrechner
    Content Management Features
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • Shipping and Payment Options (PayPal, Credit Card Stripe , Sofort)
  • Visitor tracking and reporting
  • User-generated reviews
  • E-Mail-Marketing-Integration

For the development of the e-commerce website, the team used the Oxygen Page Builder. This helps to develop complex websites without having to use many plugins. Features of Oxygen Page Builder include:

  • Visual preparation
  • Powerful layout controls
  • Trust Programmiercode
  • Creation of the header
  • Dynamic data functionality
  • SEO friendliness

HTML5 and CSS3 offer numerous possibilities for development. By using these two tools in our companies‘ web development, we optimize our users‘ web experience, provide a solid foundation for your SEO and content marketing strategy, and significantly reduce our cross-platform web development and support costs. Meanwhile, we increase reach and optimize the web experience at the same time.

jQuery is part of the WordPress development stack. jQuery offers many advantages for the customers with WordPress websites. We create engaging, dynamic and interactive elements for website visitors without overloading the available bandwidth. That’s why we use jQuery to perform certain actions directly in the user’s browser without requiring them to reload the page. With jQuery, for example, you can specify what actions are performed when a user clicks on a certain element.

JavaScript is used within the WordPress platform to add dynamic elements to pages and posts or to your entire website. We know that JavaScript is primarily a client-side programming element that can modify a website’s existing HTML and CSS. But there are a number of useful things we can use JavaScript for, such as: running events on a web page, form validation, which requires you to store values in variables, or third-party APIs that can be placed on pages or posts.
Since JavaScript is executed by the user’s browser, it can also collect data from that browser. This is important when it comes to creating fast and efficient websites that load images quickly and respond well to mobile devices.


Step 3: Quality assurance

Before the launch of the shop, a final check was carried out by our website testers so that the client receives a perfect result.

Applied technologies


Individual functions that are based on the sales process in the shop

Secure e-commerce solution with various payment options

Use of proven technologies and plug-ins