Tailor-made e-commerce website
for London fashion label
Beara Beara

Beara Bera, headquartered in London, distributes high-quality leather bags handmade in Bolivia. The young company commissioned our team to create an online shop and had a clear goal in mind: With the new e-commerce solution, urgently needed funds should be realized quickly and the long-term sales goals achieved.

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The fashion market is highly competitive; Leather bags are like sand on the sea. This made it all the more important for company founder Jake Bullough to attract attention with his brand Beara Beara on the Internet through elegant design, to make shopping an experience for the user and to achieve high visibility on the web with the help of SEO measures.
Create competitive advantage and increase sales

Reduce costs

The new shop should contribute to the reduction ofthe return rate and thus also to the reduction of transport and logistics costs. Fewer returns should be achieved through a better product presentation in the shop.

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Individual features

Jake Bullough wanted the following features:

  • A toolfor customizing the bags
  • Content Management Features
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • Shipping and payment options (DHL, PayPal & Alipay)
  • Secure and fast ordering andpayment process
  • Visitor tracking and reporting
  • User-generated reviews
  • E-Mail-Marketing-Integration


Data integrity

As with any e-commerce solution, data security was paramount inthis project. Beara Bera's sensitive customer data must never fall into the wrong hands through a hack. Taking this requirement into account was of course a must for us.


Step 1: Design

Our team developed an elegant design taking into account the Beara Beara colour scheme and brand understanding.

Step 2: Implementation

Subsequently, our technical team got to work: They collected all the requirements of the client in order to understand the company’s goals and to develop tailor-made solutionproposals.
Based on this, our specialists evaluated the available technologies: Which software would be best suited for the new online shop according to the aforementioned requirements? Finally, the team presented the client with two options for them to choose from:

Option 1: Simple solution with the open source eCommerce platformWooCommerce and MySQL database structure.

Option 2: Scalable professional solution with PHP Laravel (basis of the website), React.js (rendering for the frontend) and MySQL (database structure)

Jake Bullough chose option 2 because he was interested in a later development of the shop.
The implementation team then created an individually programmed, mobile-friendly online shop, taking into account the specifications from the Deaint team, which now invites you to browse under www.bearabeara.co.uk.

Step 3: Quality assurance

Before the launch of the shop, a final check was carried out by our website testers: As part of our quality assurance, the colleagues checked the functionality of the freshly programmed e-commerce page, noted problems and passed them on to the technical team for rectification. In this way, we were able to ensure that our client received a perfect result.

Applied technologies


Individual functions that are based on the sales process in the shop

Secure e-commerce solution with various payment options

Use of proven technologies and plug-ins